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Mindtek is an educational institution that serves as a beacon of learning and growth. Providing beginner friendly courses in SDETSalesforce, DevOps and Java, we help the next generation of students gain skills and build their careers.

We are not just teachers, but mentors and friends to all our students, so that they can create bonds like family and excel at their chosen field of study.

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By offering comprehensive and effective training programs designed to bridge the gap between current knowledge and desired skill sets, we enable individuals to pursue meaningful careers in technology regardless of their background or experience.
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At Mindtek, we are united by the common values that drive our purpose as an organization. Our school environment encourages experimentation, skill development, and improvement through teamwork and collaboration in pursuit of our shared goals.

We operate in line with these values each day while adhering closely to principles of integrity, transparency, mutual respect, and collaboration.
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if you have any questions about us, our courses, curriculum or need a career advice, please contact us:

1111 Plaza Dr. STE 410 Schaumburg, IL 60173